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In today’s turbulent economic environment, there exists a need for companies and individuals having in-depth, hands on experience in the hospitality industry to address the current realities of today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing markets.

Consulting Services






As a consultant in the highly specialized hospitality industry, our role is to advise ownership and/or management on strategies that will ultimately contribute to improved revenue and profit.  We believe that, in order for this strategy to best unfold, we must follow a process that enables our experts to learn about the specifics of your business before making recommendations.








We view management as a “never-ending” process, whereby ownership and management are continuously evaluating their business environment for the purpose of identifying new opportunities for success.  The hospitality industry is a cyclical one, with historically high peaks and valleys.  Our belief in the importance of the management process is targeted at maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative effects of those fluctuations that occur in our complex industry.

Asset Management

Our responsibility as an asset manager is to improve overall asset profitability on behalf of our ownership clients.  C&A accomplishes this through a detailed and ongoing review of property and industry trends, and then matches our findings with our industry veterans who possess the ability to achieve measurable results. C&A’s overall asset skills include experience in: finance; sales and marketing; capital project management; engineering; food & beverage; and overall property management.  We are uniquely qualified to increase asset value through constant interaction with management, utilizing our industry experience and knowledge.

Strategic Planning






Strategic Planning is crucial to an asset’s long-term success.  It is for this reason that we provide Strategic Planning guidance to our clients during all phases of our business relationship.  C&A’s principal and associates have been involved with and responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive and measurable Strategic Plans over the duration of their hospitality careers, encompassing numerous hotel and resort properties.

Problem Resolution

Problem resolution is a process of creating successful solutions to complex challenges and problems. Whether we are involved in a receivership, a court-appointed asset sale, developing workout strategies, interim management or directorship, we utilize a team approach whereby all of our experienced professionals collaborate to produce positive outcomes. With such an approach, we can strategically diffuse the most complex of business problems, restoring stability and thus, maximizing an asset's value.

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